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21st Century Fake News – Much to the surprise of The Party and The Opposition, a new President with no political experience has been elected. They’re a celebrity who campaigned on populist ideas – nominally as a member of The Party, although The President’s policies aren’t always well aligned, or even consistent. But through The President, The Party is in power, and they’d like to stay that way.
The characters are The President’s spin team, working hard to make the government acceptable to the people by putting a favourable take on a succession of news stories.

Running via Phantasmal Freeform Co-op, 23rd March 2019

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Nighthawks – a ragtag collection of military dropouts and civilian pilots try to gather the survivors of an attack on the Twelve Colonies, and guide them to Ragnar Anchorage. (more)

Playtest in Edinburgh, October 2018
Play at Lucky Consequences, November 2018