Nighthawks: Scylla

When the cold and dark comes inside, remember the good things, and smile.

Life support failing. Jump drive stolen. None of you are experts. Most, if not all of you, are going to die. But what death do you choose: to tell your story even in death, throw the dice on an impossible long shot, or hope that an enemy is more merciful than your own people? Or do you have darker ideas about how to survive?

The Attack

No-one seems to know how The Enemy gained such a technological advantage so quickly. No-one saw it coming. Anti-matter bombs destroyed cities and fleets. Machanized soldiers landed on our planets.

Humanity is dying. The Enemy has won.

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The freighter Scylla fled with as many survivors as it could carry, heading to rendevous with the battleship Pollox. But Pollox didnt give them the welcome they expected. Marines from Pollox held them at gunpoint, removed any skilled crew, removed their jump drive, and most of their supplies – leaving them all to die.

Now those of you that remain on Scylla have only a few days before the cold and dark of space claims them. How will you choose to use that time?


The characters are the representatives of the 42 people on board Scylla. Each of them is trusted by a group to represent them. The group will have to choose between a number of destinations to try and reach on their remaining life support – all of which result in certain or almost certain death – but the game is really about what is important when you’re facing the end – rather than looking for a way to survive.

Scylla is a parallel story to my earlier LARP, “Nighthawks: The Run for Ragnar“, in the same setting, but with very different gameplay. It’s loosely based on the brief scene in the TV movie Razor, in which the Battlestar Pegasus strips the freighter Scylla of all her resources and leave the crew to die.