From 1994 to 2001, groups of friends gathered in historic buildings and other venues across the UK, and on one occasion, in Italy, to share holiday space and play interactive theatre / freeform LARP games. These were the “Friends of the Masque”.

Malcolm Campbell was the main writer of freeform games for Friends of the Masque, running over 20 unique games during that period – ranging from murder mysteries set on an ocean liner, to replicant politics in the world of Bladerunner, to mysterious Sapphire and Steel like ghost stories.

Since 2001, Malcolm has run occasional games, helped others run games, and played in quite a few as well. But it’s time to rekindle the ideals of the old Friends of the Masque group, in a different time, with different people.

So Friends of the Masque is reborn as… Second Masque.

Most Second Masque events are invitation only – we want to make sure that everyone gets on, that the games are friendly and fun. We’ll often build a group holiday around a game, so that’s important.

Some Second Masque games will run at conventions – those are open to convention attendees.

Second Masque is non-for-profit. If our events cost anything, its just to repay the costs of running them.

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