About Freeform

In Second Masque, freeform LARP, or theatre-style LARP is a game where everyone takes on a part in a story. There’s no script. Every line is improvised. What you do have is a common background, description of the character you’re playing, an agenda your character wants to achieve.

You dress as your character, speak as your character, act as your character for the duration of the game. There are no scripted characters, no “non player” characters, no “crew” – ever single participant is a part of the story.

The writer and storyteller sets up the characters, the setting, and some external events that may happen along the way to react to. There may be some simple rules to determine what’s easy and whats hard for your character, but only enough to allow you to keep thinking and reacting in character, rather than wondering if something is possible.

In freeform, you never have to wait for a referee to decide if you can do something. You never have to mentally separate the cast into players and non-players..