Nighthawks Cast

Note: Cast may be tweaked after character questionnaires are received.

Charys Command Roles

Captain Fisk, civilian from Gemini. Commander of the Charys. Both the ship and captain are not widely known, so its both suspicious, and useful, that a civilian has a ship with concealed shuttle launch capabilities.
Things Captain Fisk is responsible for:  which missions get undertaken, and responsible for movement and safety of the Charys. (although other characters will be trying to influence all these decisions)

Engineer “Syd” Sydell. civilian from Cancer. Former corporate tech designer who disappeared a few years ago, and resurfaced with Captain Fisk. Designer of the prototype shuttles, and all round engineering genius.
Things Engineer Sydell is responsible for:  assigning crews to ships, assigning personal weapons, repairing damaged ships, upgrades to personal weapons, managing engineering resources, and investigating any captured Enemy Tech (other characters will certainly try and influence you to work on their own priorities)

Lt. Dr.  “Nova” Novachek, military from Aries. Medic, survivor of the Aeolus Raid, who was sidelined to Aries after that mission. (To be rescued during Initial Mission)
Things Lt. Novachek is responsible for: Healing wounded characters (great opportunities for private chats), managing medical supplies, investigating any captured Enemy biology. (and everyone wants their wounds healed up, right?)

Aviator Roles

All aviators (and the above characters if you’re desperate) can undertake the following three roles during missions, with different levels of ability in each. Note that missions are important, but a relatively small part of the game.

Pilot: flies the shuttle, responsible for safe landings, evading enemy fire in flight, offering cover to people on the ground.
Navigator: jump navigation, navigating to and from the mission target, getting you home if you get lost, learning from observation of Enemy ships
Marine: covering fire on the ground, covering fire from an open shuttle door in the air, learning from observation of Enemy ground troops

Military aviators are slightly more skilled than civilians due to training. But they all have a flaw that got them kicked out of the military Civilians are slightly less well trained, but don’t have a flaw – and have more varied backgrounds.

Aviator Character List

“Bingo”  – military from Gemini. Former fighter ace, discharged from the military after they lost their memory due to combat stress during the Aeolus Raid. Primary skill: Pilot

“Rackno” – civilian from Cancer. Self-assured mercenary with a dubious past and lots of regrets, channelled into a drive to save people after the Attack.. Primary skill: Marine

“Silver” – civilian from Aries. Former space trader turned corporate liaison, until the attack left them with no home, no job and no family. Good with people. Primary skill: Navigator

“Topcat” – military from Gemini. Former marine sergeant, and quartermaster. Dishonorably discharged for black market trading, now seems to have diverse contacts and unusual resources. Primary skill: Marine

“Grey” – military from Cancer.  Was a top-class military navigator, until they were dishonorably discharged after jumping a ship into the middle of an asteroid field. Sarcastic, and can be unreliable.  Primary Skill: Navigator

“Karma” – civilian from Gemini.  Corporate shuttle pilot, sociable and with a great safety record. Quit their corporate role and signed up with Captain Fisk on the day the attack happened. Primary Skill: Pilot

“Icicle” – civilian from Cancer. Stubborn police investigator with experience of operating across the sector. There’s that one case they just can’t let go of. Primary Skill: Marine

“Hex” – military from Gemini. Military co-pilot, discharged after their pilot was killed on the Aeolus Raid, and they started to claim the ghost was still with them. Primary Skill: Navigator

“Hardmode” – civilian from Aries. Former union activist, currently a smuggler – adventure seeking pilot with a deserved reputation for skill. Once landed a shuttle with no damage after both engines failed. They say. Primary Skill: Pilot