Nighthawks: Guide to Character Briefs

If you’re playing, your character brief will have the following sections.
Names – Characters are referred to in briefs and game info by nickname or callsign. All the briefing info should be genderless, so you can be of any gender you like. It has no impact on the game. If you want to make up first names etc, you can, but I expect other players will use callsigns.
Background and Colony of Origin: There will be a slight in-game incentive to rescue people “like you”.
Aviator Skills: Numbers used in the quick combat mission sections only – they range 1-4, where 1 is “can do this if I have to”, 2 is “could get a job doing this”, 3 is “really very good at this”, and 4 is “probably no-one better”. Skills are basically “if you have enough, you succeed”
Special Skills:  These are cards that modify how combat and non-combat rules work for your character. These will make sense at the time. Honest.
Flaw: Military characters start with a disadvantage of some sort (but have more Aviator skills)
Goal: Everyone wants to save as many people as possible – unless they’re a nasty Traitor, of course. But they have different opinions on priorities. The options are:
     (Survivors) Maximize number of healthy survivors – Ragnar Anchorage will have supplies when you get there
     (Supplies) Enough supplies for all the survivors you rescue. You have no idea what’s waiting at Ragnar
     (Intelligence) Intelligence about the Enemy is crucial for survival, if we get a chance to find some, we should take it.
Secret: Secrets are something about you that will probably provoke a negative reaction from some or all characters if you reveal it. But confession feels good. 🙂
You then also have a backstory – and a list of which other characters you know. If they aren’t listed, you haven’t met them.